2020 Serving Camps

This camp is offered for $50 and features include:

  • An Expert Staff of Coaches
  • Individual Skills Training
  • High Repetition Serving Skill Drills
  • Coaching in Small Group Settings
  • Skills and Techniques Used and Taught by the CSU Rams Volleyball Team
  • Camp Store With Volleyball Products
  • The one-session camp is geared for players in grades K-12 who have a strong interest and passion to pursue and improve their serving abilities.
  • Athletes can sign up for basic or advanced groups, and will cover techniques accordingly.
  • This camp features a high-repetition environment, and will cover various technical serves.
  • High repetition serving skill drills: technical fundamentals, zone serving, speed serving, float serving, and topspin serving (advanced).
  • Additionally, campers will be introduced to the tactical responsibilities of a good server.
June 17th, July 15th, July 28th
Entering Grades: K - 12th
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Cost: $50 per date
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July 15th REGISTER
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Each athlete will receive quality instruction from the coaching staff at CSU, current and former CSU Rams players, as well as other elite level coaches.

Please tell us if you'd like your athlete placed on a beginner or advanced serving court.

Beginner: Most athletes K-5 choose to be in this section of camp. Designed for a campers with little or no volleyball experience. Fundamental serving techniques such as a proper toss for an overhead serve, weight transfer, and contact point with the goal being to improve these concepts and eventually execute a proper overhand serve.

High repetition games and best drills for improving will be used.

Advanced: Most athletes entering grades 6-12 choose to be in this section of camp. Designed for campers able to serve consistently over the net from the end line.
Stations such as speed (with radar), jump serving, zone serving, and competitive games will be covered. This camp is designed to improve and broaden an already strong fundamental server.

What to bring: A pair of shorts, t-shirt, socks, a good pair of court shoes (broken in) and knee pads for each day of camp. Please bring a water bottle you can use throughout the camp.

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